Q: Is performing strongwoman shows your main job? 
A: You betcha! I have dedicated my life to training and entertaining! ♥ 


Q: How much do you train?  
A: 6 hours a day.


Q: What sets you apart from other circus performers?   
A: What makes me unique is not just the discipline it takes to build the raw physical strength, balance, and agility necessary for what I do. It’s also twenty-plus years of performance experience, a message of empowerment infused in my work, jaw-dropping stunts melded with family-friendly humor, and a readiness to listen and collaborate compassionately behind the scenes.


Q: Is my event too small/large? 
A: I have performed for audiences ranging from 4 guests of honor to 4,000 roaring spectators! I loved both! I strive for a mix of authentic connection and grand spectacle in ALL my shows! I can adapt to each event's size, location, and demeanor.  


Q: What age group are your shows designed for?      
A: I can cater my shows to kids, families, and mature audiences. 

Q: Where are you based, and how far will you travel?   
A: I am based in Oregon, USA. I tour both nationally and internationally. 


Q: My event has a specific theme? Can I request custom costuming and performance elements to fit it? 
A: Certainly! I want to make your event special, and to help you immerse your guests completely in the experience you are creating. Let’s discuss your vision, and I will do my best to make it a reality.  

Q: How much space and tech do you need? 
A: The bigger the stage, the more insanity I can fill it with!!! However, I am also prepared to modify my choreography, which allows me to perform in a wide variety of venues. Here are some specific suggestions for optimal awesomeness: 

- At least 8ft x 12ft of flat, smooth performance area.  
- Huge hit at parades even with hills and patches of rough pavement.

- 8ft or more recommended buffer between spot where the blocks are smashed and closest audience onlookers in case of scattering dust.  
- My insurance covers this act under "sideshow."

- 16ft or more of unobstructed height between rigging point and performance surface. 
- Shows can be performed with or without aerial.

- For audiences larger than 30 people, a PA system is highly recommended.  

Q: How do you do that?!?!? 
A: This is the most frequently asked question. Here is the basic recipe:

• Combine 2½ cups silliness
• With thousands of hours practicing
• And a pinch of cinnamon ♥


Q: Can you teach ME to do that? 
A: Feeling inspired? I offer workshops in fitness, interval training, flexibility, handstands, tumbling, injury prevention, indoor cycling (Schwinn certified), aerial, and partner acrobatics (great for team-building.) Contact to plan a workshop for your employees or community members.


Q: How much will it cost to hire you?  
A: Every event has a unique set of factors such as size, travel, and timing. Please contact me for a free, zero-obligation consultation!