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Well, you're the woman of my dreams. Maybe better...
Wow ... You are Awesome !!!
Awesome website, just recently learned about you, thought you were awesome. Keep up the good work!
I love the website! Looking forward to working with you at the Oregon Country Fair!
Loved tearing phonebooks in half with you. Glad you moved to the Yay Area!
Hi Tera: I love dancing with you in class. Have a great Holiday and I hope to see you soon, Carrie
I LOVE your performances! You are very Beautiful.
Aerial Rope Student: Is Tera made of anything other than muscle? Jack Stocklyn: Yeah, Heart.
im your biggest fan. i had so much fun with you to day in Everett.i see that you are a rock star,that is my dream too.keep in touch.
Tera, you are a rock. I love working with a flier who's built the way you are. Your body is powerful and strong... holding your shoulders, biceps or arms is like gripping marble... Despite the fury contained within your fists you're one of the most gentle and nice people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I have a really high opinion of you.
Hello everybody, That was awesome! I am still blown away that someone would do a show just for me. And not just a show: An amazing display of talent! I may do a little more than just the job description, and try harder then other people. But an event like that shows that my time and effort is well spent. It shows that I am spending time with the right people. It shows that we created not just a class, we created a community of great and caring people. So I would like to thank you in that way, because I am short of words for what happened today. Maybe I will some day find the words, but for now I have a big Thank you , with a deep meaning an respect for you all. THANK YOU!
The tearing of the phone book event yesterday still has Laura and I in awe.
Long time Fist of Dishonor fan. I like your new site. I am not surprised to see that you are in to aerial silks, I think you would be very good at it.
I really, really like this your new website! Wishing you all the best!
Tera, you rock! I'm happy to see that you've kept your spirit.