Tera Nova Zarra tours nationally and internationally with her unique mix of massive strength, innovative creativity, and fiery stage presence. Whether you are seeking physics-defying circus performance, or wanting to add acrobatic, character-driven ambience to an event, Tera will be happy to come smash it, bend it, do a handstand on it, and dance suspended over it for your delight! 



"Powerful and talented" "Don't mess with that one!"

- KGW Newschannel 8

(Photo by Aaron Gothardt / Processing by Rebecca Bateman)



"Supreme grace and might" "Unreal"

- Oregon Artswatch  

(Photo by Rhett Jackson)



"Not only can Tera Zarra bend rebar and break cinderblocks,

she can kick your @$$ with her voice."

-Noah Mickens, Wanderlust Circus ringmaster

(Photo by by Bill Zingraf)



Tera trained under the direction of former Austrian sport acrobatics champion and national team coach, Stefan Furst since 2006. She has also trained at Sons Of Cayuga in San Francisco with coaches, Dominik Wyss and Serchmaa Byamba and taken lessons from École Nationale de Cirque's Yuri Bozyan in Montreal.

Tera holds a black belt in Aikido and Aiki Jujutsu from American Institute of the Martial Arts in Connecticut. She is a trained opera, jazz, and rock singer. She has recorded backing vocals for Shock G of Digital Underground; and her ninja rock band, Fist of Dishonor toured with Vanilla Ice. Tera has also performed for Game of Thrones, KIIP Mobile Advertising, Imago Mask Theatre Ensemble, Do Jump Extremely Physical Theatre, Vau de Vire Society, and Velocity Arts and Entertainment. 


(Photo: HBO Game of Thrones Season 3 Release Party)